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Destinations in South America

While natural and man-made draws like Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu are certainly excellent reasons to book a ticket to South America, there are plenty more off-road adventures to experience as well. From lesser-known Carnival celebrations to the world’s largest wetland, South America has plenty to offer travelers that live and trek by Robert Frost’s immortal words of taking the dirt, possibly non-existent, road less traveled.

1. Uribia, Guajira, Colombia

Held from August 16-18 every year in the northeast Caribbean state of Guajira, the Wayúu Cultural Festival showcases the tribe’s rich cultural rituals, folklore, music, food and more. The matriarchal society in has hosted the festival since 1985 and allows visitors to feast on traditional dishes like goat, check out wrestling, horse racing and stone-throwing matches, and see up close how women make their hammocks. Wayúu children also perform their traditions, including weddings, wakes and spiritual celebrations. This is the place to soak up culture with nary another foreigner in sight.

2. Chuao, Venezuela

Home to some of the world’s best cacao, Chuao overloads the senses with chocolatey smooth finesse. The town

Reasons to Visit Chicago

The Windy City is not for the faint of heart, literally – the food is some of the richest on offer in the United States, and the harsh winters are likely to test one’s resolve as well. Chicago, one of the Midwest’s few notable and renowned cities, is a treasure trove of world-class food, cheap beer and glorious architecture. The city retains an inherent friendliness and charm, and its food, mix of cultures and storied history are a big part of its appeal.

1. A hometown feel in Logan Square

Logan Square is quickly becoming the new it neighborhood in Chicago. As opposed to super hipster Wicker Park and Bucktown, Logan Square retains a more Midwestern, down-home feel to it. Visitors can give their heart a break with some truly delicious vegan food at The Chicago Diner, or with Mexican at cheap and cheerful Taquería Moran. For drinks, Telegraph has a great wine list and Longman & Eagle melts away stress with excellent cocktails. Congress Theater hosts everything from rock concerts to lucha libre fights. For a more subdued evening, simply stroll along Logan Boulevard,

Things to see and do in San Sebastián

1) Tackle a favourite trek…

Along with food and wine, the outdoors plays a huge role in Basque life. Misty peaks dotted with weathered farmsteads surround the city, and it’s a common sight to see locals packing up their cars to spend a weekend scaling a summit.

Those with a proclivity for plodding should amble to the top of Monte Urgull (123m/404ft), where a 12m-high (39ft) sculpture of Jesus Christ overlooks the city. Experienced ramblers should head to the iconic crucifix-strewn summit of Hernio (1,075m/3,527ft), a more challenging peak and a popular pilgrimage point in September.

2) Pinch a pintxos or three…

The perfect symbol of the sociable and indulgent nature of the Basque people, pintxos (a bite-sized snack consumed during drinking sessions) has become synonymous with easy-going San Sebastián.

As the sun begins to dip behind Monte Igueldo, the tiny taverns that line the snaking alleyways of the city’s old quarter fill their bars with miniature portions of fish and meats, often spread on small slabs of crusty bread. Jolly locals wander in for a beer and a bite then wobble off to find their next haunt. Fish lovers will adore the

Tips how toTravel Solo

Tips 1: ditch the well-made plans

Wasn’t it Woody Allen who first said if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? Travelling solo is one of the few times in life when you can throw all your plans out the window if you want, or just not make any at all. Unlike going on holiday with friends or – worse still – the family, you don’t need to compromise. Forget lengthy discussions over financial planning, the challenges of badly rehashed route maps and squabbles over who gets the bottom bunk; travelling solo is all about you.

If you’re a people-pleaser to a fault or have a tendency towards OCD then this is the way to go, free from all the obligations and stresses an infuriatingly disorganised friend or selfie-stick addict brings.

Tips 2: don’t ditch the friends

Travelling solo doesn’t mean going it wholly alone, though. While the appeal of disconnecting with everything and everyone back at home might be strong, try to keep in touch with family and friends as you go. Sharing over Skype and investing in international call-time credit can really help gain perspective on your adventures and

10 Most Scenic Self-Guided Walking Holidays in England

Blessed with ancient woodlands, rolling meadows, mystical moorlands and a rugged coastline, England’s stunning and varied landscape offers excellent walking opportunities.

A couple of our writers who are keen walkers have researched many scenic routes in order to recommend the 10 best in England. It’s a mixed ability bag; some routes will take days, while others only require an afternoon to complete.

1) Seven Sisters clifftop walk – 21km (13 miles)

A definite highlight of the popular 161km (100-mile) South Downs Way is the section where the National Trail passes through the Seven Sisters Country Park. So if you want something shorter than the full South Downs Way (but strenuous nonetheless), try the 21km (13-mile) Seaford to Eastbourne coastal walk that offers swoon-inducing views of the famous white cliffs of Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, before ending in the seaside town of Eastbourne. If you’re after a postcard-perfect picture of Seven Sisters, make a stop at Hope Gap (before taking a diversion inland to cross the Cuckmere River). In the summer, you can have a dip or go rock-pooling along the route too.

2) Sennen Cove to Porthcurno

Tips travelling with children

The thought of traveling with children in tow may bring you out in a cold sweat but provided you plan ahead it can hopefully be plain sailing. Auto Village provides your convenience for traveling.

From my experience, the less traveling time the better, particularly if you are holidaying with under-fives who have limited tolerance when it comes to sitting still!

There may be no avoiding traveling further afield if you have a family occasion or are planning to visit relatives but after several disastrous attempts with two little ones I have put long-haul flights on hold. Toddler tantrums are not a pretty sight at the best of times but in the confines of a small space, it can be super stressful!

If flying further afield, prepare yourself for the disruption of traveling across time-zones. Traveling can also use Cars to be more comfortable and safe. Kids like routine and the onset of jet lag can be extremely difficult to deal with. Some families like to remain in UK time but this can prove extremely difficult as there is no way your child will agree

Destination in Bogotá

One of the biggest cities in the Americas, Colombia’s vibrant capital Bogotá embraces an outward-looking modernity while still celebrating its rich colonial past.

Today’s post-conflict Colombia is enjoying a meteoric boom in tourism, fuelled by visitors’ seemingly insatiable appetite for its Andean peaks, Caribbean beaches, Amazon jungle and lively urban centres. At the heart of all this is Bogotá, Colombia’s sprawling capital, subtly reinventing itself as one of South America’s trendiest destinations.

With the cartels and criminals on the run, there’s never been a safer time to visit. Leave any irrational apprehensions around personal safety at the arrivals hall and dart straight for the city’s historic centres in Usaquén and La Candelaria.

These colourful colonial districts, founded by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century, have cobblestone streets punctuated with major historic landmarks. The great riches of the bygone colonial era are best seen at the Banco de la República Gold Museum, which has an extensive stash of gold pieces from almost every major pre-Hispanic culture to grace Colombia.

Other essential sightseeing highlights in Bogotá include the impressive modern art collection at Botero Museum and the well stocked shelves of Luis Ángel Arango

Best Nude Beaches in Europe

Bikini season is nigh, but this summer, ditch the expensive swimwear and show off those hard-won abs on a nude beach. For maximum seen-and-be-seen appeal, make sure it’s one of Europe’s top nude beaches, where the relaxed and tolerant attitude is as welcoming as the sparkling sunshine and warm waters. From Brigette Bardot’s former playground of St. Tropez to Croatia’s many nude options, Europe’s liberal beaches are a great way to work on that seamless tan while enjoying the all equally stunning landscapes.

Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez, France

Pile on the kohl eyeliner and sport your best Breton top, because it’s time to go to St. Tropez, which French bombshell Brigette Bardot put on the map in the 1950s and 60s. Today, St. Tropez is still a magnet for the rich and famous. Beachgoers are welcome to show off the latest runway swimwear or strip off, and they can rent beach beds and parasols for stylish lounging in between dips into the warm water. Nudity isn’t fully confined to the beach, either. After dark, head to the nearby clubs where hedonism and Champagne mix for an epic, glittering cocktail.

Playa de los Muertos, Almeria,

Reasons to Visit Seattle

Up in the top left corner of the map, Seattle retains a sense of mystery with its slightly isolated location, legacy of grunge music and rumors of non-stop rain. But as any local will undoubtedly clarify, New York annually receives more precipitation than Seattle. It just so happens that the Emerald City receives its rainfall little by little over the better part of nine consecutive months. Locals also don’t mind that this reputation keeps tourists to a relative minimum most of the year.

In the short, sweet summer, though, Seattle is a playground for all types. Go outside the city to the mountains or islands, get lost in neighborhood record stores and organic restaurants, or just try to fit in as many concerts and shows as possible. And for those who don’t believe in Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter is also a prime time to ski, snowboard and to test out every coffee shop within walking distance. This gem of a city has plenty of reasons to be a must-see destination.

1. Speaking of green…

Held every August in Seattle’s waterfront Myrtle Edwards Park, free of charge Hempfest promotes a “protestival” vibe as thousands advocate for

Best Places to Watch the Sunset

Watching the sun set seems like a rare treat with all the day-to-day nonsense, but it’s possible to make it a real luxury by seeing the sun melt into the horizon from a spectacular location. Whether from a mountaintop, next to the ocean, on a glacier or at the top of a skyscraper, looking to the west has never been so inspiring than from these 10 incredible vantage points.

1. Santorini, Greece

The Greek island of Santorini is all that remains of an ancient volcano that once exploded leaving a huge volcanic caldera, now filled with water, at its center. Visitors know they’re in for something special as soon as their boat pulls into the harbour, with the island’s cliffs rising vertically hundreds of feet straight from the sea. The island’s settlements sit perched on top of these cliffs and every sundown thousands of people come out to watch the sun dip below the horizon and witness the colorful hues juxtaposed against the white buildings of Santorini and the blue Aegean Sea.

2. Uluru, Australia

Rising out of nowhere, the massive monolith dominates the outback and the eye. Visitors can watch spellbound as the